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"GKMP" Research & Production Company” LLC" ( NPO"GKMP" LLC) is a company working successfullyand developing its industrial spheres. For the past 10 years our company has beenactive not only in the Russian market but in the international one as well. We present the full service portfoliostarting from the development of design documents and all types of engineering works and ending with producing unique equipment in accordance with consumer’s demand.

"GKMP" Research & Production Company is tending to fuel consumer’s confidence and trust by implementing of the quality management system and its certification.

We have a certificate № РОСС RU.ФК15.К00195 dated 19.12.2016. Standard normative documentation of the quality management system covers all stages of the production life cycle. Nowadays the shift to the requirements of the standard ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2015 is coming to an end.

The main spheres of manufacturing are:
Electro-thermal equipment, growth furnaces and special non-standard equipment. This sphere includes vacuum furnaces production, gas filled furnaces, such as conveyor hydrogen protective continues furnaces, humpback channel type furnaces and diffusion systems. Crystal growth equipment production which is used for growing leucosapphire, silicon, Indium Antimonide, Indium Arsenide and Gallium Arsenide. Magnet systems Tokamak-T15, which is used for controlled thermonuclear fusion study.

Products from refractory materials and alloys,wear-resistant ceramic (zirconium dioxide, aluminum oxide,  boron nitride, beryllia  oxide, monocrystal sapphire),  carbon composite materials and graphite felt. We produce tungsten and molybdenum crucibles, screens and fasteners. We are able to carry out complicated mechanical 5-axis processing of the tungsten and molybdenum products. Ceramic based on zirconium dioxide, aluminum oxide,  boron nitride, beryllia  oxide is used for making bearings, grinding bodies, draw rings, wires, guides, face seal rings, crucibles, burners, augers, valve and closure tie elements, etc. For the vacuum furnaces we produce screens, fasteners, equipment tools made from carbon composite materials. We make equipment tools from soft and firm graphite felt as well.

High-pressure hoses are flexible hermetic hoses made from stainless steel with different terminal fittings: welded, quick-disconnect (camlock, nozzle and muff are with inner and outer screw), for flanges, for screwed connections, special (balancing, two-lining and with thermal insulation).

Road-building and excavation machinery which includes heavy-class autograders, all-wheel-drive patching vehicles, track-type and wheel-type road roller vehicles, complex road vehicles with winter and water-sprinkler equipment.
In our company staff constantly carries out research work, all the development results are patented, so it makes possible to manufacture our production in accordance with consumer’s drawings and requirements.The number of manufacturing facilities constantly growsand upgrades. We stay in touch with research and development institutes, take part in federal programs on nuclear energetics and have got all licenses needed for providing the best quality to our consumers.
Rich experience and expert-skilled staff give us the opportunity to turn our ideas into reality.

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Каталог Продукции ГКМП

GKMP Electro-thermal equipment catalogue 2016 (Download 25,8 Мб)



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13th International exhibition of vacuum equipment «VacuumTechExpo-2018»24 - 26 April 2018 Russia, Moscow